Garuda seva held with utmost religious fervour

Tirumala: The most important one of Vahana Sevas, the Garuda Vahana Seva was held with religious fervour where in Sri Malayappa Swamy, the processional deity of Sri Venkateswara took out a celestial ride on the mighty Garuda Vahanam, on the fifth day evening of the ongoing Navaratri Brahmotsavams on Thursday evening. All the 221 galleries around four mada streets surrounding the temple were filled with pilgrims.
Legends say that Garuda, the King of Aves and favourite charioteer of Sri Mahavishnu(Sri Venkateswara) considered the most respected and most sought-after follower of His Master. The darshan of Srivaru on Garuda vahanam is strongly believed to be very auspicious, which fulfils the desires of all His devotees.

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