Kantara movie facing copyright issue

Amaravati: The movie Kantara, which was made with a low budget and became a huge success, is currently facing a copyright issue. This Rishabh Shetty and Saptami Gowda starrer Kantara was first released in Kannada where it became a hit Kottaka Atu followed by a huge success in Hindi and Telugu languages. This movie which was made with 20 crores so far has gross collections of around 150 crores. Along with the audience, the movie stars are also appreciating this movie.

However, a private music band has posted on their social media saying that we have composed the music used in this movie, we will send legal notices. There is a private music band in Kannada called ‘Taikkudam Bridge’. Earlier they released an album titled Navarasam. The Taikkudam Bridge team is alleging that this music is similar to the very popular Varaha form of the movie Kantara.

Taikkudam Bridge team officially posted on their social media, “We say the same thing to our audience. We have nothing to do with Kantara movie. The music in our song Navarasam and Kantara is almost the same in the Varaha form of the song. This would be a complete violation of copyright laws. There is a big difference between the two, i.e. copying, inspiration. The music is completely ours. That is why we are going to take legal action on this. We are sending legal notices to the film unit,” he said. Also, this post was tagged to the film’s director Rishabh Shetty, producers and music director. But so far the film unit has not responded.

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