Whatsapp services stopped due to server down-2 hour’s later recovery

Amaravati: Whatsapp services stopped due to server down in many countries including India on Tuesday. Due to this, users could not send messages. While getting only single tick for personal messages, statuses are also not updated. The problem arose from 12.07 pm. As a result, users were confused as to what was going on. After half an hour the problem continued. It is reported that Whatsapp services have stopped in Italy and Turkey along with India.

Restored:- Whatsapp services, which were suspended from 12.07 pm, were restored from 2.15 pm. Users are commenting on social media that messages are going to everyone. A representative of the Meta Company stated that the problem has been solved after it came to their attention that users were unable to send messages. It was revealed that the server was down and the technical team quickly restored Whatsapp.


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