Perumallapadu Nageswara Swamy Temple, a scene from the movie Kalki

Nellore: Perumalpadu Nageswara Swamy Temple in Chejarla Mandal of Nellore District has been covered under the sand tunes for more than 100 years. Perumallapadu Nageswara Swamy Temple.
It is almost assumed that the river Penna was flowing, and when the flood came to the river Penna, this area was almost submerged in water. 100 years ago there was a village called Perumalpadu which was a temple.
Donors built the temple to perform regular pujas to Nageswara Swamy in this area.
After the villagers changed the gallows, the sand dunes grew and completely covered the temple. About 84 acres of land was also written to Swami. As the arrival of the villagers to the temple also decreased, they stopped paying attention to Nageswara Swamy. Almost 100 years have passed.

A man from Nellore district, working as an assistant to Kalki movie director Nagashwin, informed the director about this temple. Knowing about the popularity of the temple, Nagashwin showed a scene about this temple in a scene where Amitabh Bach appears in the movie Kalki.
Due to this, this temple has gained unprecedented popularity.
At present, Anam.Ramanarayana Reddy from the district is the Minister of Religion, so there are hopes for the temple to be opened in the villages.
There is no need for any doubt that if temples like this, which have a lot of history, are fully renovated, there will be an opportunity to get employment for the locals even as a tourist. Let’s wait and see what steps the NDA leaders will take.

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