PFI Conspiracy to Kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Amaravati: The National Investigative Agency (NIA) recently revealed that the Popular Front of India had conspired to kill Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This matter came to light in recent raids by NIA and ED on PFI offices and houses of company leaders. Investigation revealed that members of PFI had unsuccessfully attempted an attack on Prime Minister Modi’s visit to Patna on July 12 this year.  It was revealed that PFI had also trained several youths to attack the Prime Minister. It has been revealed that PFI has also prepared lethal weapons to attack the Prime Minister and many prominent people in UP. NIA and ED conducted surprise checks in 15 states across the country and arrested around 100 leaders active in PFI. During a BJP rally in Patna on July 12 this year, it was learned that PFI leader Shafiq Pait had hatched a plan to assassinate Modi. ED searches have revealed that over Rs 120 crore has been deposited in the bank accounts of PFI-related entities over the past few years. Investigation revealed that PFI members went to Hathras with the intention of inciting communal hatred and disturbing communal harmony. Central investigative agencies have also received evidence of PFI’s involvement with its operatives in inciting communal riots, creating terror, planning to form a terrorist gang, procurement of deadly weapons and explosives, simultaneous attacks on sensitive locations. It is learned that the Union Home Ministry is planning to ban the PFI organization which is inciting religious hatred.


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