Tamil Nadu Govt towards prohibition of alcohol,Release of G.O

Will it happen?
Amaravati: Tamil Nadu government has taken steps to ban alcohol. As a part of this, 500 liquor shops out of 5,329 liquor shops run by the government (TASMAC) have been closed in phases. During the Tamil Nadu elections, Stalin’s DMK party announced that it would implement the ban on alcohol. After assuming power, CM Stalin’s government brought key changes in the liquor policy. Liquor shops are being run under the auspices of the government in Tamil Nadu. It has announced that 500 liquor shops run by the government will be closed from Thursday, and has released a video related to this. First, liquor shops in areas where schools and temples are located have been closed. It is learned that gradually all liquor shops in the state will be closed. But it remains to be seen how far this important decision taken by the Tamil Nadu government will be implemented.
It is said that we will implement the complete prohibition of alcohol in a phased manner but it remains to be seen how far it will be possible.?

If a state bans alcohol, then the income of the bordering state governments will increase, after the TDP government announced a complete ban on alcohol, the sales of alcohol in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra have increased tremendously. Also, there are many examples in Andhra Pradesh that illegal movement of liquor in a state where liquor has been banned is encouraged by the mafia. Even then, why after YCP came to power, some brands of alcohol were avoided, the prices were increased, and alcohol was imported from neighboring states. What is clear is that there is no doubt that the mafia gangs in the state where prohibition has been imposed bring thousands of crores of rupees of business through illicit liquor movement??

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