Today’s India offers solutions to other countries’ problems-Prime Minister Modi

Amaravati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has alleged that the corruption that started sporadically in 2004 continued for a decade (2014) and terrorism reigned from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. During the debate on the motion of thanks on the President’s speech, Prime Minister Modi said that the President’s speech is an ideal for the country. He said that the adivasi community has got great respect. Yesterday some members in the House made enthusiastic comments; a senior leader criticized the President and indirectly addressed Rahul Gandhi in a sarcastic comment. Such comments revealed the hatred in the minds of the leaders. Modi recalled that the President had said that once India used to depend on others to solve its problems, but today India is a solution to the problems of other countries. The Prime Minister said that India has been waiting for such a moment for a long time. He said that the measures taken to curb corruption in the country have started yielding results. Elections are not life, welfare of 140 crore people is important to them. He said that India has faced the Covid effectively. He said that many countries are suffering from unemployment and inflation, and even at such a time, we have become the fifth largest economic power in the world. He said that he has grown to the level of holding the G20 conference today, this may be a shock to some but he is proud of it.

He said that the youth of India know that all the countries of the world are currently looking towards India. He said that the country is at the second position in the manufacture of mobile phones, and the world is surprised to see Digital India. He said that the country is at the third place in energy consumption. Our girls are doing brilliantly in the Commonwealth Games. We are third in the world in startups. He said that India is creating history in every field. Seeing all this, some pessimists complained that they could not sleep. Prime Minister Modi said that people know what we have done since 2014 till now.


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