348 bags of fake cumin seized-The accused were arrested

Amaravati: People’s health is seriously damaged due to adulteration of food items. But there are scoundrels working in the present society saying that what we have to do with people’s health, their aim is to make money by adulteration. The highlight of this… So far we have seen… The scumbags who made money by selling rice, pulses, chilies, milk, oils, ghee, ginger, garlic paste, etc.

Present caught making fake cumin. The police received information that a factory has been set up in Mandanpur, Kanjhuwla, Delhi, and some fake ingredients are being manufactured…  On receiving the information, the Delhi Crime Branch police raided the said factory. A lorry ready to transport 348 bags of cumin seeds, 55 bags of cumin husks, 35 bags of grass, 25 cans of molasses, and 25 bags of stone powder were found there. The police found that fake cumin was being made using these, seized the substances found there and arrested the accused.


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