Sri Chaitanya College is forgetting humanity

Nellore: The incidents of killing of students and employees are examples of corporate colleges for money, forgetting humanity. Ranks are used as an excuse to collect fees of thousands and lakhs of rupees from the parents of the students. Unable to withstand the psychological pressure of corporate colleges, young buds are taking their lives. Even though such incidents have taken place, they are being brushed aside.
It is a fact that cannot be ignored that the leaders and officials are getting the same level of support from the leaders to the corporate colleges. Along with the students, the teachers of the corporate colleges are also being harassed by the owners at the same level. If the students are taking their lives, the teachers are silently bearing the mental pressure as there is no other way.. Mohan Krishna incident, a former employee of Sri Chaitanya College in Nellore, is proof of this. If the 1st town ASI B.V. Ravi Prasad, who is on duty at the collector’s office, had not intervened in time, another life would have been lost. Can such brutal harassment be tolerated??

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