There is a need to focus on the research of today’s youth – Chakradhar Babu

Nellore: District Collector KVN Chakradhar Babu said that many scientists have made India famous at the international level through their research talent, and it is necessary to take inspiration from them and focus on the research of today’s youth. Chakradhar Babu spoke as the chief guest in the orientation program organized for the house surgeon students at the District Government Medical College on Tuesday. Congratulations to the medical students who have studied medicine for four and a half years and who are entering the house surgeon ship to learn practical medical education today. House surgeon students have certain limitations and should follow the advice and suggestions of senior doctors and strive to provide better medical services to the patients who come to the hospital.  From now on, every medical student should set a specific goal and after completion of medical education, they should strive to provide medicine to the poor as doctors and bring good name to the medical college and the district. He said that during the last two years, the doctors have worked hard to bring good name to the district by providing better treatment to the covid patients in GGH. GGH Superintendent Dr.Shidda Naik, APMSIDC EE Vijayabhaskar, Hospital Development Society Coordinator Mrs. Sunanda, H.O.D.s of various departments, House Surgeon students and others participated in this program.


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