Even though there is Somashila Dam in Atmakuru Constituency, it is still plain land?-janasena

Nellore: Jana Sena Atmakuru Constituency Incharge Nalishetty Sridhar questioned that even though reservoirs with a water storage capacity of about 80 tmc are in Atmakuru Constituency, what is the reason why most of the lands in the constituency remain Dry lands. Speaking to the media on the occasion of his visit to Jyoti Nagar and Weavers Colony under the Atmakuru Municipal area as part of the Pawananna Praja Bata program on Thursday 12th, he condemned the corrupt rulers who provided irrigation facilities to all the ponds in the constituency even though there is a Somashila reservoir in the Atmakuru constituency. He said that irrigation and drinking water facilities have been established from the Somasila reservoir to the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu, to Chittoor and Prakasam districts, and to the eastern part of Nellore district. However, he expressed his concern that no plans have been made to irrigate the mjor share of the lands in the constituency, and the funds have not been sanctioned for them. In order to provide irrigation and drinking water facilities to all the ponds and villages in the Atmakuru constituency, he requested to support the Janasena Party which is sincere towards the development of the constituency. He assured that he would know the problems of the people in many areas in the municipality and would do their best to solve them. Janasena leaders Vamsi, Chandra, Suresh, Chaitanya, Pawan, Venkatesh, Hazrat, Nagaraja, Sunil, Anil, Bhanu and others participated in this program.


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