Actions for Development of Libraries in the name of Manam-Mana Gandhalayamu-Minister

Nellore: State Agriculture Minister Kakani Govardhan Reddy said that the state government has launched the Manam-Mana Gandhalayamu program to bring the libraries back to their former glory. On Saturday, the Minister participated in the Manam-Mana Library program organized at the District Central Library in Rebalavari Street, Nellore, along with the Chairman of the State Library Corporation, Seshagiri Rao. Speaking to the media on this occasion, the minister said that in the past, library institutions were used only to fill posts, and the development of libraries was not seen due to the appointment of persons who had no knowledge of the subject as chairmen. The Chief Minister, who is working hard for the development of education, has also paid special attention to the strengthening of Gandhalaya. It is in this order that we have taken steps for the development of libraries in the name of our library. He said that while the CM has sanctioned one crore rupees to the district for the creation of basic facilities in the libraries, books, computers and laptops required for the libraries have been handed over to the respective library managers. He also said that efforts are being made to complete the construction of the district central library building soon. Everyone should recognize the need for libraries in the society and contribute to their development. The Minister appreciated the many programs being undertaken for the development of libraries under the auspices of the District Library Organization. Joint Collector Kurmanath, Chairperson of District Library Organization Mrs. DonthuSharada, readers and others participated in this program.


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