Narendra Modi has filed for nomination as the Varanasi Parliament candidate

Amaravati: Prime Minister Damodar Das Narendra Modi filed his nomination as a Varanasi Parliament candidate in Varanasi on Tuesday. Modi handed over his nomination papers to the Election Returning Officer at the Varanasi District Collector’s office. Along with senior BJP leaders, NDA leaders, Chandrababu, Pawan Kalyan and others from AP were present in this program. The nomination was filed for the third time from Varanasi. Before the nomination, Modi performed Ganga Aarti amidst chanting of Vedic mantras at Dashaswametha Ghat on the banks of river Ganga. Pujari Raman performed pooja with PM Modi.. He revealed that Ganga Puja was undertaken for the welfare of the country. Pujari Raman revealed that he wanted Modi to become the Prime Minister for the third time and that the country’s celebrities should shine all over the world. Prime Minister Modi visited Kashi Visveswar on Monday night.

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