The High Court’s judgment canceling GO NO.1 should be addressed to the state government- revendra

Amaravati: TDP politburo members Kollu Ravindra said that the verdict given by the High Court canceling GO NO.1 is a shame for the state government. Speaking to the media on Saturday, it is outrageous that the government said that it will go to the Supreme Court. Antu asked whether Jagan Mohan Reddy would have done the padayatra if the TDP government had implemented such regulations in the past. Without developing the state for four years, fearing that the elections are coming, they are ashamed to re-concrete the old stone slabs. He said that the YCP government has brought JV-1 to stop the opposition parties from going to the people. They said that the undeclared emergency was implemented without giving the opposition a chance to protest. If the British government brings such a spirit, will the freedom movement happen? For 75 years no one has put up houses on the roads? He said that the High Court’s comment on the occasion of the inquiry that we do not understand what days we are in can understand how bad life has become.

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