Former MP Hariramazogaiah on hunger strike for Kapu reservation from tomorrow

Amaravati: Former MP Hariramazogaiah has issued an ultimatum to the Jagan Reddy government. He announced that he will go on hunger strike from Monday. He said that he is ready to sacrifice his life for the cause of Kapu reservation, and will go on hunger strike tomorrow at the Gandhi Center in Palakollu. Hariramazogaiah made it clear that he would continue the initiation even if he was taken to the hospital after the initiation was broken and the police did not give him permission. He criticized that Chief Minister Jagan has no love for the Kapus and does not want the Kapus to grow economically. He reminded that during Chandrababu’s regime, while 10 percent reservation was given to the poor and upper castes, 5 percent of it was given to the Kapus. He said that the Kapus did not get 5 percent reservation as Jagan came to power by the time the bill was approved by the Governor. Hariramazogaiah said that Jagan had done injustice to the Kapus in three years.


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