There have been situations where YCP MLAs fear for their lives-Pawan Kalyan

Hyderabad: Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan has expressed his concern that Venkatagiri MLA and former minister Anam Ramanaraya Reddy is worried about his life. He suggested that the state’s DGP should take responsibility for the MLAs fearing for their lives. Otherwise, he warned that he would write a letter to the Central Home Department about the situation in the state. He who has a long experience in public life and is known for his sober politics is worried about the condition of the rest of the public representatives? Legislators have come to fear for their lives. We have known Anam’s family since we were in Nellore. Anam Ramanarayana Reddy expressed his views about the style of dealing with the government and the non-implementation of development programs in his constituency. But the government officials consider this a crime. Spying on their own MLAs and eavesdropping on phone conversations shows the insecurity of the rulers. If MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy of the ruling party directly accused the CM and his office of phone tapping, why is the responsible DGP and Home Minister not talking? Pawan demanded that the state government should give an explanation to the people about the announcement of life threatening by Rama Narayana Reddy and the phone tapping comments made by Kotam Sridhar Reddy.


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