TV D1 flight test successful-module lands safely in Bay of Bengal

Amaravati: ISRO has successfully conducted an experiment to send humans into Space. As part of Gaganyaan mission, the TV D1 flight test which took place on Saturday was successful. The experiment was successfully carried out from the Srihari Kota Space Center at 10 am. The TV D1 crew dived into Ningi as directed by the module, and after three parachutes, the module landed safely in the Bay of Bengal. Indian Navy has collected the modules that landed in the sea. Due to bad weather at 8 am, the experiment was postponed to 8.45 minutes. ISRO revealed that there was an ignition error in the rocket engine during the launch of TV D1 at 8.45 minutes. The Gaganyan module test was postponed for some time due to engine failure. After that, the exam was conducted successfully. ISRO Chairman Somnath expressed happiness that the success of the TV D1 flight has given more impetus to the Gaganyaan mission. He said that the test was successfully conducted in a very short time by finding the technical error very quickly.

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