Kondapuram S.I Khajavali arrested in ACB trap-Rs 20 thousand bribe

Nellore: Thieves show their intelligence and steal. Here the police outnumber the robbers and collect the bribe money not directly but through the middleman of the lady in the petrol station… S.I -Khajawali showed great intelligence and was booked to pay a bribe of Rs. 20 thousand to a woman working in a petrol station.
Going into details… SC,ST atrocity case against Hazarathiah in Kondapuram under Kaligiri police circle, second case of domestic violence against him by his wife, Hazarathiah was registered in Kondapura station in 2023. On the occasion of meeting the SI through his friend, the presentee informed that he was not involved in these cases unnecessarily.
SI Khajawali asked that he would compromise one case, the other case would be dragged on for some time, and that he should give a bribe of Rs. 20 thousand for this. The money should also be given to a woman at a petrol station in town. The attendee, who did not want to give a bribe, contacted the ACB officials. As the ACB officials ran the story according to the strategy, the ACB officials caught the women red handed. In-charge DSP Srinivasulu said in a media conference that a case has been registered against SI Khajavali and he is being produced in the ACB court.

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